Laura & Jamie | Galgorm Hotel Wedding

Congratulations to Laura & Jamie! They had a beautiful ceremony at the Galgorm Resort. The weather didn’t stop raining all day but with a bit of lighting and a bride and groom who’s spirits couldn’t be dampened the photos turned out really great.


To Laura and Jamie:

Thank you for hiring me as your photographer and trusting me to capture those special moments. I honestly wasn’t sure how the day would go because of the weather, some couples let it really effect their mood. With you guys that wasn’t the case at all. Couldn’t have been happier to be a part of your day and it was honestly my pleasure. It was also really nice to see how much time you’s spent away from the crowd just enjoying each others company. So much goes on on a wedding day that sometimes you feel you haven’t spent much time with each other. Glad to see you made time. Those memories will stay with you longer and mean a lot more.