My Life Behind The Lens

I’m a 6ft3 Belfast-based giant with a straight-forward approach to life; be honest, treat everyone with respect and have as much fun as you can!

My photographic journey began 10 years ago, waking up at dawn to chase sunrises on deserted beaches or windswept mountain tops. However, there was something missing from these scenes for me... as a ‘people person’ I longed to add human emotion and connections to these stunning backdrops.

Since getting married to my soulmate 2 years ago, my own wedding photos remind me of how important it is to perfectly capture the genuine affection and joy of each of our unique days.

We have now added a beautiful baby girl and Beagle pup to our family; I’m keen to work with all your friends and family to put the wedding party at ease and snap the guest memories you don’t want to miss.

Why Trust Me

I have the experience you can trust to do a professional, top-quality job for you. In 2008 I worked as a second shooter and digital retoucher, before starting my own company three years later. During this time I have photographed over 1000 weddings, honing the expertise that you can rely on to make your day run smoothly.

My work has been judged and deemed of a high standard by fellow professionals, allowing me to become a member of the U.K. Master Photographers Association. I have won both U.K. and USA awards, including the Master Photographers Association’s ‘Licentiate Panel of the Year’ award and second place in the iPhone World Photography Awards.

I hope my professional experience and achievements, along with the positive reviews of previous clients, can assure you that you can trust me to provide the highest quality photographs of your most special day.